Phil Campbell, CharacterPHIL CAMPBELL, CHARACTER
Jason Biggs, a Phil Campbell? It's happening with the premiere of Grassroots this summer. Grassroots is based on my book of the same name (after the book's wider release, that is). I met Biggs, briefly, in 2010, and again at the film's premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival. Nice guy – but how is he like me? I'm fascinated by the book-to-film process, and just exactly what Biggs has done to become a Phil Campbell. I'm also using this space to think about my own story of that period of my life in 2001 has evolved from an earnest, unsentimental –if bitterly funny -- look at my own liberal ideas to a Hollywood "bromance" that seeks to inspire people to seek public office.

I'm with PhilI'M WITH PHIL
Did you know there's a town in Alabama called Phil Campbell? That's my name! I learned about Phil Campbell while watching "Hee Haw" as a drunk, dateless college student. Learning of the existence of this three-traffic-light town changed my life forever. I organized a convention of American Phil Campbells in 1995, arguably the country's first (albeit pre-Internet) flash mob. I'm currently working with director Andrew Reed to produce the documentary I'm with Phil, about my experiences bringing together 20 Phil Campbells (19 Phils and one Phyllis!) and raising $42,000 to help the town six weeks after it was hit by an EF-5 tornado.

The Other Phil CampbellsTHE OTHER PHILS
With Jason Biggs as a Phil Campbell, and with a town called Phil Campbell, I'm led to ask, Who are these other Phil Campbells? I'm Facebook friends with almost 200 of them, though there are hundreds more out there around the world. Last year 19 other Phil Campbells joined me in the town of Phil Campbell, Alabama last year to help the town after it was hit by a tornado. This project is dedicated to learning more about the people who share my name.

But I won't be blogging about Phil Campbell, the lead guitarist of Motörhead. Ever. Why not? Watch the documentary I'm with Phil to find out.

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